Intentional Property Advisors (IPA)

Intentional Property Advisors (IPA) Branding & Digital Marketing Strategy



IPA’s digital presence didn’t adequately represent their unique blend of psychology, science, and data-driven approaches to real estate investing. This mismatch resulted in potential clients finding it hard to distinguish IPA from other real estate investment firms, leading to missed engagement and conversion opportunities.


Branding Strategy: Refined and honed IPA’s brand message to a concise and compelling narrative that highlights their distinct approach. This involved crafting clear and engaging language that would resonate with their target audience.
Video Marketing: Created a promotional video script that was both engaging and informative. The video content was tailored to showcase IPA’s ethos, using B-roll footage of the CEO educating groups, properties, and ongoing construction projects to provide a visual representation of their services.
Photo Content: Implemented a collection of high-quality, curated photos which illustrated the personalized approach of IPA. These visuals not only captured the essence of IPA’s services but also painted a picture of the tangible impact they have on communities and individual lives.


Post implementation of the new branding strategy and digital content:

A noticeable uptick in website engagement, with longer session durations and lower bounce rates.

Improved conversion rates from digital campaigns.

Increased brand recognition and recall among the target audience.

Positive feedback from clients and partners, noting the clear and distinct messaging that now sets IPA apart in the crowded real estate investment space.